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          WuXi DeMei KeSi Cabinet Co.,Ltd
          Add: Industrial Park Yuqi Town Huishan District Wuxi
          Contact:Mr Huang,Mr Wan
          Tel:0510-85950618 13093080219

          Wuxi demeikesi cabinet Co., Ltd.
          Wuxi demeikesi cabinet Co., Ltd.
          News Source:   2014-07-08 09:07:20

          Wuxi demeikesi cabinet Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, production, sales of nineteen inch standard and non - standard cabinet, rack, the main products include all kinds of cabinet, wall cabinet, monitor screen wall, console, console, cabinet and power grid professional cabinet. Products used in radio and television, network transmission, building monitoring, bank security system, fire alarm, power system, multimedia system and automatic control system etc.. At the same time, we also provide customers with other sheet metal parts processing, spare parts processing, stamping, such as processing supplied materials. The company is developing rapidly, the staff with high enthusiasm, truth-seeking spirit of professional, and constantly improve their product quality, thoughtful, meticulous service for users.
          Wuxi demeikesi cabinet Co., Ltd. located in Wuxi Taihu lake, close to Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and 312 National Road, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. The company has advanced equipment, professional and technical personnel and production staff. The inception of the company, the technology and development, to the quality of the market concept, in good faith and to guarantee product quality, and promised to provide high quality products at good for you, provides the high quality service to professional and technical skill, strive to meet and exceed customer's expectation, for your career the force of our!